One Path

I liked this banner image the moment I saw it. There is nothing special about it, except I am the kind of person who loves mental association with words or pictures. Looking at this picture, ideas came: this is a path and one can choose to journey through his/her own way; there is always hope at the end of the road, if one chooses to see it; lights may not always come on at the end of the path, turn and see hope, light, and warmth line up the side of the path; one can only take one path at a time, no matter how powerful or fragile he/she is; it is in one’s solitude, one sees how far one has walked; no matter how quickly or slowly we travel, the path has to be taken for the journey to count; we are never alone (check out the two sheep grazing on the pasture to the left); and I can go on and on. Why the ONE speech? Any of the mental associations that I just wrote will be turned into a speech that I hope to light up someone’s day, to help solve someone’s problem, to ease someone’s pain, to open possibilities for someone who needs one, or to keep someone company when they need to hear an affirmation. Like I said previously, we can only take one path at a time. I have chosen mine, and I am not traveling alone.


About 黃雯雯 博士

* 18 years of experience in education. Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership * Included in the Who's Who in Education in 2009 * Winner in Toastmasters International Speech Contest * Appearances throughout the year * Named Best Teacher by Southern California Chinese School Council * Won numerous Table Topics Speech and Evaluator Awards. Vice President of PR with Toastmasters local chapter in Southern California.
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