Grownups of Little Faith

One must wonder what happened to faith as people move into adulthood. As children, the innocence in us helped us believe in anything that anyone had to say. My brother, when he was four, allowed my sister and I to fill his mouth with dozens of Chikli (spelling?) gum because we told him that he would be able to blow the biggest bubble in the world. As we travel down the path of life, we learned that not everything that people say to us is true. We get hurt or even humiliated sometimes when we take others seriously. In the Bible, Jesus told his beloved disciples, “Ye of little faith…” when they got scared by the storm. It is probably safe to say that, as adults, we have all been through our own versions of storms and we have lost sight of our faith. Even for those with strong religious faith, life can sometimes take its toll on them and cause them to plan for the worst.

I learned so much from my students this year. They raised me up to a different level as an educator and a person. The entire year, I have been teaching the kids about honesty, trustworthiness, and punctuality. We had a spring break celebration last week. Some of the students decided to join the “Planning Committee” and also take on the responsibility of decorating the classroom that morning. I told the students the day before that I would be there at 7:45am before the bell to let them come in to decorate. Though I had done my teaching the entire year, I have also seen how wonderful the students have been in carrying out various tasks, in the back of my mind, I was thinking, “They would never be able to make it here that early at 7:45am”. So before I left for home the night before, I put up all the balloons and only left the streamers for the kids to do just in case that they do not show up on time, the celebration would not look too bleak.

That morning, I procrastinated at home and continued to give myself excuses not to leave for school earlier than usual. “They won’t make it on time.” “It is too early for the kids to come to school just to decorate.” I finally left home and proceeded to school. To my astonishment, the students were standing anxiously outside of my classroom as I entered the front gate. “What happened to you? We were getting worried that you forgot. You are three minutes late? Will we have enough time to finish?” The only thing I could say was, “I am so sorry, I should’ve been here earlier.” A voice in my head said, “Ye of little faith…” as I opened up the door and students streamed into the room to take on the work of decorating. They forgave so quickly too and went on as if nothing happened. I was taught another lesson by these kids.


About 黃雯雯 博士

* 18 years of experience in education. Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership * Included in the Who's Who in Education in 2009 * Winner in Toastmasters International Speech Contest * Appearances throughout the year * Named Best Teacher by Southern California Chinese School Council * Won numerous Table Topics Speech and Evaluator Awards. Vice President of PR with Toastmasters local chapter in Southern California.
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