Remembering all the great things

It has been more than four months since I last logged in.  Summer seemed to have administered its lazy medicine on me, I did not even take time to write about the lovely gesture expressed by my fifth graders at the end of the school year.  The students made me their version of a yearbook and collected everyone’s signature to be included in the keepsake.  I was so moved by the thoughtfulness of the students, I returned to the book several times during the summer when I needed a “happy place” to visit.

A new school year has rolled around again.  I want to use my influence as a teacher to raise another class of competent, trustworthy, courteous, and respectful fifth graders.  I want to duplicate what I did last year.  Starting with this post, I want to keep track of my impression about how my students are responding to my teaching and how I will be able to raise a group of kids that everyone will love.  When I released my students at the end of last school year, I knew with full confidence that they would be alright no matter where they went from that point on.  I knew that, if they kept doing what they had done the entire school year, the students would outperform many others and, at the same time, bring joy and pride to their teachers and parents.

I hope that, at the end of this school year, this compilation will be able to inspire others with the ways to raise kids that are 21st century ready.

Written on the first official day of the school year.


About 黃雯雯 博士

* 18 years of experience in education. Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership * Included in the Who's Who in Education in 2009 * Winner in Toastmasters International Speech Contest * Appearances throughout the year * Named Best Teacher by Southern California Chinese School Council * Won numerous Table Topics Speech and Evaluator Awards. Vice President of PR with Toastmasters local chapter in Southern California.
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