Another Winter Made Great by Children

Just like last year, the day before winter break, I hosted a celebration for the fifth graders in the my classroom.  A handful of children volunteered to come in early in the morning to decorate the room.  For the rest of the children, they were not up to this type of mundane task that required “creative thinking”.  I opened up the doors at 7:45am as scheduled.  The Decoration Committee marched and started adorning the room with streamers and balloons.  Then a couple of students walked in and saw how fun it looked to tape the streamers and blow up the balloons, they “volunteered”.  Then more walked by and decided to join.  Before long, the room was packed with students who were all there as part of the Committee.

I thought to myself, everyone has in him/her the desire to join the “winning team”, the “success”.  Even children knew that it was no longer worth while to stand on the sideline and not to be a part of something so “fun” and grand, even when labor was required.  Each year, I learn something from and about my students.  They have a way of making something ordinary wonderful.  Another great beginning of my winter break.


About 黃雯雯 博士

* 18 years of experience in education. Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership * Included in the Who's Who in Education in 2009 * Winner in Toastmasters International Speech Contest * Appearances throughout the year * Named Best Teacher by Southern California Chinese School Council * Won numerous Table Topics Speech and Evaluator Awards. Vice President of PR with Toastmasters local chapter in Southern California.
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